Amy Hill

Gay and Lesbian Issues, Popular Culture

It's exciting, powerful and demanding. Television evokes endless emotions and I want an active role in it's ability to impact viewers. With an interna ...

Lucy Marshall

Popular Culture, Social Issues

I am interested in camera operating, cinematography and producing and I hope to get a career in one of these areas when I graduate from University. ...

Tasha Nagington

Asian Issues, Disability Issues

For many years now I have been passionate about the media industry because of the way it allows you to communicate many messages across many mediums a ...

Emily Jasper

Social Issues, History

The television industry appeals to me because I love the opportunity to be creative and tell a story. For me the medium of television and entertainmen ...


Adam Gibbs

Adam Gibbs

Technology, Science

Named "Presenter of the Month" by the UK's top presenting course, The Presenters Studio, and "The one to watch" by, I am certainly an in ...

Annie Whitmore

Annie Whitmore

Consumer Issues, Social Issues

Television is an exciting medium and I love the challenge and buzz of delivering to camera. I gained valuable experience reporting for TV Chichester w ...

Jessica Hughes

Jessica Hughes

Business & Economics, News & Current Affairs

Being a confident bubbly individual all of my life I have always been told I should be on TV and it has been an aspiration of mine for a long time. I ...

Bryony Billson

Bryony Billson

Popular Culture, Technology

Iím a vivacious, friendly and confident presenter with a passion for working in TV. Iím ambitious, hardworking and have an open, friendly and fun on-c ...

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