Sam Woodhall

History, Drama & Literature

I think it's still one of the leading movements of entertainment. You can get more from sitting watching television with your family and friends than ...

Adrian Lupina

Gay and Lesbian Issues, Technology

We spend lots of our time watching TV, but most people don't realise how powerful TV can be. It can inspire, motivate, inform and even change lives. T ...

Cecile Mulombe

Consumer Issues, Popular Culture

Creative and energetic, I want to be able to tell a story with a camera and build atmospheres with the light. I like to be a woman behind a camera and ...

Santino Palermo

Technology, Social Issues

Since i was a young boy , i have been enticed and fascinated in the whole world of television and it's an industry i am hungry to get into in the futu ...


Chantelle Rance

Chantelle Rance

Popular Culture, Film

I love the excitement and challenges that come from working in the industry. It's my passion, the pressures associated with it just push me to work ha ...

Georgina Burnett

Georgina Burnett

Health and Medicine, Social Issues

I love the variety of working in TV. Every day is different for me - one day I'm presenting at a polo match, the next I'm reporting on the latest gadg ...

Kate Wathall

Kate Wathall

Crime, News & Current Affairs

I am a confident, versatile and professional presenter. I have varied experience and feel I can adapt to any situation thrown at me. I have solo prese ...

Jessica Hughes

Jessica Hughes

Business & Economics, News & Current Affairs

Being a confident bubbly individual all of my life I have always been told I should be on TV and it has been an aspiration of mine for a long time. I ...

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